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We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and are committed to exceeding our client's expectations while working together with our clients to understand their needs. We offer a flexible approach that ensures our projects meet deadlines and client expectations.
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Plan B Resources, LLC provides effective and affordable contract screening and recovery services, predominantly in the US and Canada, for the Scrap Metal Industry, Steel Manufacturers and Waste to Energy Industries. 

For facilities using scrap metal shredders, we are able to remove damaging ‘heavies’ such as billets, rail crops, or solid metal stock that can cause damage to mill components resulting in costly downtime at the shredder.

We are able to recover "your" lost Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals from Dirt, Ash, Slag and Auto Shredder Residue(ASR) "Fluff" along with rail-car clean-outs, top/bottom ash fines and daily yard sweeps at your facilities, while regaining much needed facility space.